Polygon has partnered with Warner Music to bring NFTs to the music industry.

Polygon has partnered with LGND Music and Warner Music in order to bring music NFTs to the market. The first batch of these beautiful audio tokens will come out Jan 2023!

Despite the cryptocurrency market activity cooling off this winter, Polygon is pressing onward with their plans to expand their reach by partnering up with Warner Music and LGND Web 3 music platform. On Tuesday, the 9th of December, both parties announced they would be working together to create a new digital collectibles platform.

Polygon has partnered with some of the world’s most prominent organizations in order to become a leading on-ramp to Web3. With this latest partnership, Polygon will be able to introduce Music NFTs into the market in an open and permissionless environment that is also sustainable. The following is an excerpt from the official announcement from Polygon:

LGND Music, enables you to play music digital collectibles, or “Virtual Vinyl”, on-the-go. Also, select @warnermusic artists will launch their digital collectibles & connect fans with special content and experiences.

With a seamless, easy-to-use on-ramp, you can buy & own music tokens, even if you’re not familiar with digital collectibles.

In January 2023, the world’s leading dance record label – Spinnin’ Records – will release the first music NFTs in collaboration with us. We at Polygon believe that Music NFTs and Web3 have great potential to bring artists and fans closer together.

Ethereum’s Layer-2 scalability platform Polygon has partnered with some of the biggest media companies recently. In July, they became a part of Disney’s Accelerator Program in order to focus on AI, NFTs, and Augmented Reality (AR) with help from Disney.

The Rise of Music NFTs

The popular media player Winamp has announced that it will allow users to play music NFTs in a simple and seamless manner. The latest version of Winamp also allows users to link their Metamask wallet via Chrome, Firefox, and Brave browsers.

The audio and video file distribution currently supported by ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards will soon be available on Winamp. This upgrade would include other important improvements in the future said Alexandre Saboundjian, CEO of Winamp. The new player aims to provide a single, great sounding experience for all users.

“The genesis of Winamp has always been about accessibility and innovation, and today we are proud to launch the very first standalone player reading audio NFTs, as well as any other existing formats. This new version of Winamp allows people to listen to any file they want, using a player they already love.”