The best ways to invest in cryptocurrency

Without unnecessary introductions, let’s go straight to whether can you earn interest on bitcoins as well as the first way to make money on cryptocurrency. The fact is that top coins are steadily rising in value. Yes, sometimes there are drawdowns, but in general, if you predict the trend, you can significantly increase your capital by making promising investments.

The best example is Bitcoin. In 2009, 1,000 BTC was worth 0.003 USD. These are small numbers. But in November 2021, the price of 1 BTC rose to a peak of 68,000 USD. Moreover, in the middle of 2020 for one coin on the exchange, they were given 12 thousand USD. Altogether, it was possible to earn in a year a little bit of 56 thousand USD of profit on one Bitcoin.

There are other examples. Say, 1 ETH in 2019 could be bought at times for 100 USD. And at the end of 2021, it was already trading at more than 4,500 USD per 1 ETH. At the moment (July 2022), the Ether has strongly depreciated, it is trading at around 1,600 USD per ETH. But at the same time, the asset has already gained more than 600 USD since June, and the trend is upward. There are many such examples. They all clearly show that cryptocurrencies are growing in value.

Long-term earnings on cryptocurrency include investments lasting more than 1 month. That is, having bought Ether in June, you could now earn 600 USD per coin.

  • Advantages: potentially high profits, it is possible to reduce the risk by investing in a portfolio of cryptocurrencies, no deep knowledge of technical analysis is needed.
  • Disadvantages: with a strong quote drawdown, there is a risk of losing a lot of money, and knowledge of fundamental analysis is required.

Dash 2 Trade

The purpose of the Dash 2 Trade platform was to provide traders with an extensive number of useful features and various effective tools that are useful in the cryptocurrency market. All actions on the platform are performed using the native D2T token, with its help you can get access to the extended functionality.

What the platform has to offer:

  • Trading signals. They are related to buying and selling opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.
  • Presale. Tracking this event can provide traders with a complete understanding of where the protocol is heading.
  • Checking user sentiment and blockchain transactions. The information will allow platform customers to stay up-to-date on all the latest news in the rapidly changing cryptocurrency space.
  • Strategy Builder. Each user can experiment with their action strategies to make their trading more efficient.
  • Cryptocurrency listing alerts. Special notifications allow you to get a big advantage over other traders.

Advantages of the project:

  • A large number of instruments;
  • Available analysis of the cryptocurrency market;
  • The D2T token is based on the Ethereum network.


In 2022, leading analysts and ordinary crypto fans turned their attention to the emergence of TAMA. An investment in Tamadoge should pay off for several reasons at once:

  • The Tamadoge ecosystem has a P2E game mechanism, where players earn income simply by spending time in the game world and developing their characters.
  • In-game NFTs (irreplaceable tokens) allow for the birth of virtual dogs with a unique character makeup.
  • The introduction of augmented reality and the creation of 3D visualizations of pets and other features attract a huge number of gamers who love casual games.
  • Tamadoge’s economy is characterized by stability, thanks to TAMA combustion during transactions; accrual of a large prize fund; a store with in-game items; spending part of the tokens to develop the project.

You can buy TAMA now on crypto exchanges. Tokens are purchased for ETH or USDT and stored in a cryptocurrency wallet.


  • Zero commissions on TAMA transactions.
  • A variety of earning opportunities – in-game, token speculation, minting, and selling NFTs.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity offers crypto games with the Play to Earn concept. That is, play to earn. The platform combines them with blockchain and a meta-universe. Which allows for a decentralized experience for users. Along with the right to own in-game items in the ecosystem. Transparency and increased security allow players to worry about nothing and enjoy the gameplay.

Battle Infinity

The key features of Battle Infinity are as follows:

  • Autostreaming. Provides income in the form of dividends on locked tokens.
  • Autoliquidity. Liquidity is automatically added to the pool, helping stabilize the price of tokens.
  • Autotax. . A commission charged for transactions. With the fact that the developers use the money received to optimize the project, the number of commission charges is relatively small. This allows players not to spend all of their earnings only on commissions.
  • Anti Dump. Due to this feature, the user can not be afraid of the strong sales pressure on tokens. This allows you to protect the capital.

Main advantages:

  • Absolute transparency;
  • High degree of security;
  • Innovation in the universe of decentralized games.

What documents do I need to get a secured cryptocurrency loan?

Platforms that hold users’ money and collateral impose strict conditions for obtaining crypto backed loans. This is due to money laundering and terrorist financing laws. Such platforms are required to conduct a KYC procedure in which the user must provide their passport information and other personal information. On p2p platforms, the registration procedure usually dispenses with passport data and is limited to entering an email address, username, and password, but requirements may vary depending on the jurisdiction.

Registration on Biterest requires a minimum set of data: email, username, and password. The platform does not collect personal data from users. What currency are cryptocurrency loans issued in? Most platforms lend in USD, but you can choose other fiat money or cryptocurrencies.

How do I get a secured cryptocurrency loan?

A platform that makes loans on its own, transfers them through bank transfers or credits the borrower’s account with stablecoins like Tether (USDT). P2p services use bank transfers and payment processors.

Why get a cryptocurrency loan secured by cryptocurrency?

When you issue a loan in cryptocurrency, its price is still calculated in USD at the time of the transaction. Cryptocurrency here acts as a means of transferring funds. When repaying the loan, the borrower returns the same amount in USD that he took, along with interest. If the price of the cryptocurrency has risen in the meantime, the borrower will repay less than he borrowed. Long-term investors can profit from the growth of the value not only of the collateral but also of the loan body.

For example, a borrower borrows $1,000 in bitcoins at $3,800 per BTC and receives 0.2632 BTC. When the bitcoin price goes up to $10,000, he will get back the $1,000, but now it will be 0.1 BTC. Another advantage of a cryptocurrency loan is faster transactions compared to bank transfers. At the same time, the borrower does not provide personal data to a third party and can not fear the freezing of assets.


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